Keep Your Customers Happy with Wholesale Custom Feather Flags

In today’s fast paced society, a removable or changeable option for visible display is essential. Gone are the days when a permanent roadside sign was standard; consumers want colorful options that they can switch around as the mood strikes them.

So what can you offer your customers that fits this bill? It may seem like an impossible task at first glance (that’s a lot of versatility to offer with just one product), but at New York Banners, we think we’ve found the perfect solution with our wholesale custom feather flags.

Feather Flags Offer Versatility

These vertical banners attach to a pole and can be mounted to a cross bar or to a stake that can then be driven into the ground. Both of these scenarios allow for the aforementioned movability, and the flags can be arranged in a wide array of size and color combinations that will allow your customers to really customize the visual messages they are trying to send.

Whatever your needs are, we are prepared to meet them at New York Banners when it’s time to make your next order of wholesale custom feather flags. You can count on being able to offer your customers a wide range of shapes and sizes when it comes to these types of flags. We make them available in angled, convex, and rectangular shapes; order a supply of each and give your customers options as to how they can mix and match their purchases. Sizes range from fairly small (8.5 feet) to tall (18) feet, giving you the opportunity to offer a little more visual versatility.

We’ll Get It to You Fast

You may be thinking all of these choices are great if you know what your customers want, but how do you make those choices? Let’s say a customer approaches you about a flag product you simply don’t have in stock. Instead of having to turn them away, simply hop on our web site at and make an order for wholesale custom feather flags. As soon as you place an order, we begin processing it, and we ship feather flags within one to three days of the time we receive your order.

Are you considering ordering a large amount of a certain type of feather flag but just need a quote first? We can do that online, too, and we’re available to chat live with you, as well. We want your questions answered and your customers happy, so look us up for your next wholesale custom feather flags order!

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