Why Direct Mail Printing in Orange County Is Still Effective for Promotions

Some business owners worry that using postal mail for promotional material would be a waste of money. Especially if they want to convey an impression of innovation and modernity, employing this old-fashioned advertising method might seem contradictory. Yet organizations providing business printing in Orange County know why hard-copy advertising sent by mail can be more effective than ever.

The First Step

The first step is to create a piece that stands out with an attention-getting design. The business then avoids any impression of stodginess and being out of touch with today’s customers. The mailing material could direct recipients to its page on a social media site, promising a discount code or coupon in return. It’s easy for people to type in the business name on social media since doing so doesn’t require an unwieldy URL.

Overlooked Online Advertising

The business owner will want to consider how much online advertising is overlooked. The average email inbox receives dozens of messages each day, much of it promotional. Inboxes that separate promotional items from the rest allow recipients to never even view the subject headings. Internet users can set up pop-up ad blockers and simply ignore other ads appearing on the screen.

Material in the Hands

In contrast, direct mail printing in Orange County generates materials that recipients at least must retrieve from the box, look at and decide what to do with. That’s not even the case with other printed advertising. As with online ads, it’s easy to ignore those in newspapers and magazines.

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