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Gymnasts must wear clothing that allows for easy movement, which is why wearing a leotard is the customary dress code during practices, performances and competitions. Leotards are made with stretchy material, such as lycra and spandex, to

The Many Advantages of Enrolling Children in Gymnastics Preschool and After School Programs in Fairfield CT

Participating in athletics provides young children with the chance to take risks, learn new skills, deal with a certain level of failure and achieve success with practice. These are all valuable experiences for people of any age,

FAQs About Birthday Parties In Shelton, CT

In Connecticut, parents have brilliant opportunities for their child’s birthday party. A local gym provides a fun adventure as an alternative to the traditional at home parties. The kids will have ample space to play, eat snacks,

Why Choose Summer Camp in Shelton, CT

When the summer arrives, parents often start to cultivate an array of plans for their children. They want to make sure that the kids stay active and do not just sit down in front of the television