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What to do About Raccoons

From the perspective of a raccoon, humans make really great neighbors. They are not aware that our chimneys, gardens, and bird feeders aren’t there just for them to use. They will take advantage of the shelter and

Even New Homeowners Need Extermination Services

Just because you are getting ready to purchase a new home does not mean that you do not need extermination services. In fact, most lenders require that the structure of a new home is inspected for bug

Protect Your Family From a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH

Pest control can sometimes be a real problem and it is often difficult to determine which pests are the worst. For instance, bats are considered a nuisance by some folks because they get into the eaves and

Need to Get Rid of An Annoying Pest?

Not that pesky neighbor that always borrows things and never returns them, but the mischievous critter that has the sole purpose in life of driving humans crazy. It is so hard to find a reliable source for

Tips for Skunk Removal in Westerville, OH

You go outside one morning and suddenly are overwhelmed by a smell that makes you sick to your stomach. You realize quickly that somehow a skunk has taken up residence on your property. So what can you