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What Ways You Can Help Your Church to Grow

In this day and age where church attendance has seen a substantial decline, Southpoint Community Church has managed to buck the trend. Even though the church has been growing each day with the blessing of Jesus Christ, it is no reason to be complacent. Let us be clear...

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Imagining a Kinder World

Did you ever stop and think how easy it would be to live in a kinder world? By simply taking the time to use common courtesy in everything we do all of us would live happier, safer lives. A Personal Prophecy Request can offer you ideas of how to live a life that is...

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Can Prophecies Show you the Way?

Bishop Jordan Prophecies may send doubt into the minds of many Christians. However personal prophecies are sent from God everyday in order to help us find our way in life. If you have found you are uncertain of what you should be doing in life, or even seem to need a...

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