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What Ways You Can Help Your Church to Grow

In this day and age where church attendance has seen a substantial decline, Southpoint Community Church has managed to buck the trend. Even though the church has been growing each day with the blessing of Jesus Christ,

Imagining a Kinder World

Did you ever stop and think how easy it would be to live in a kinder world? By simply taking the time to use common courtesy in everything we do all of us would live happier, safer

Can Prophecies Show you the Way?

Bishop Jordan Prophecies may send doubt into the minds of many Christians. However personal prophecies are sent from God everyday in order to help us find our way in life. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Discovering True Faith through Personal Prophecy

Many Christians are aware of the fact that much of the bible speaks about prophecy. When Jesus arrived only a few people were ready to accept him as the Son of God. Once Jesus was resurrected more

Sacrifice an Important Trend in New Churches

Sacrifice is one of the most profound ways we can show our love for God and those we love here on earth. God made the ultimate sacrifice when he gave up his son and in turn Jesus

Don’t Let Life Interfere with Faith

It can be hard to keep your faith if you allow life to get in the way. It is easy to miss church on Sundays, put aside prayer and even live your life without your Christianity playing

Living Ready for Jesus’ Return

It would be very easy to lead the life God intended if we knew exactly when Jesus would be returning. We could base our lives on God’s word in preparation of Jesus’ return when it would be

Deeper Messages reveal themselves with Bible Reflections

You may wonder why people read the bible daily. After all you can only read a book so many times before you know it inside and out. However, the bible is a very different book. Each line

Why Is The Bhagavad-Gita Considered Sacred?

When it comes to Hindu texts, the Bhagavad-Gita is one of the most sacred. This ancient Sanskrit work has had a profound effect on Indian society and religion. Over the centuries since its appearance as part of

How to succeed without hurting others

They say it is a dog eat dog world. But it does not have to be this way. It is true that when one person wins many others lose and this might be unavoidable. However it is