Discovering True Faith through Personal Prophecy

Many Christians are aware of the fact that much of the bible speaks about prophecy. When Jesus arrived only a few people were ready to accept him as the Son of God. Once Jesus was resurrected more people were willing to accept him as God’s true son and their faith helped spread the word that we could rejoice in God’s love with his ultimate sacrifice. What many Christians are not aware of is that they can Request a Personal Prophecy to learn of God’s plans for them. A personal prophecy can allow you to discover the beauty of true faith.

It might be hard to imagine that God has time to think of you and what he wants for you. However God has a plan for all of us and every plan is different. God has provided each one of us with a talent that he would like you to use to achieve your full potential. The light or spark that exists in each of us is the gift God has bestowed on us to help us spread his word. When you request a personal prophecy you will be given a direct line with God and learn what he has in store for you.

This might seem like a frightening prospect for some. However faith gives us the courage to listen to what God has to say. Not all of us are Moses or Noah and will be asked to perform an act of great impact. God has humble requests and hopes for each of us and a personal prophecy is designed to help you see the path that will get you through to the next stage of your life. A personal prophecy usually focuses on a step that must be taken as opposed to a longer path. This is why it is important to stay in tune with God, request a personal prophecy use it and then move on to the next step.

A personal prophecy will have different meaning to each person. One person might see a specific answer to a specific problem and others will simply be inspired to discover their faith. Either way you will learn the importance of true faith and use it to lead a happier life.

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