What Ways You Can Help Your Church to Grow

In this day and age where church attendance has seen a substantial decline, Southpoint Community Church has managed to buck the trend. Even though the church has been growing each day with the blessing of Jesus Christ, it is no reason to be complacent.

Let us be clear that there is no magic formula to help your church grow and numerical growth is not the only mark of success. Local engagement, discipleship and longevity of commitment are important for growth. If you want to truly achieve success, you need to turn the normal attenders of service into passionate champions of the mission to grow the church.

Motivate People to Serve
It is people who serve in the mission that are engaged in the mission. The primary barrier to growth is desire. Challenge and motivate people to serve so that they discover the power of God. Individuals must be committed to the goal and willing to make changes. It takes incredible unselfishness and lots of maturity to be committed to a cause.

Invite people to attend as most people are likely to attend church if they are invited. People stop attending church service due to various reasons and they are most likely to come back if they are motivated to do so. All that they need is a little push in the right direction.

Sunday Morning Service Special
Create a Sunday morning service that has a broad appeal. Its appeal should transcend gender, age and communities. The church grows when people invite their family, friends and colleagues and neighbors to attend service.

Engaging with people is key to growth. When you are able to capture the attention of the unbeliever, you are truly on the path to success. When people are engaged with your mission they are willing to stay and serve.

Add Extra Service
When nearly all seats in a Church are in use during a Sunday service, growth stops. New people may get the impression that the church is already full and this may put them off from attending service. Adding an extra service can help accommodate more people and no one may have to leave disappointed.

Pray for growth and seek the help of God to overcome challenges
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