Imagining a Kinder World

Did you ever stop and think how easy it would be to live in a kinder world? By simply taking the time to use common courtesy in everything we do all of us would live happier, safer lives. A Personal Prophecy Request can offer you ideas of how to live a life that is based on kindness to help you spread love that will hopefully catch on.

The simplest acts of kindness can inspire others to do the same. Smiling is a perfect example. When you smile at people you meet they will usually smile back. They will carry that smile onto each person they meet and the next thing you know the world is smiling with you. When you hold the door open for someone with a suitcase you can also inspire someone to do the same for the person behind them and so on. When you offer someone a seat on the bus others will see this and be inspired to offer an old lady their arm to cross the street.

When each of us stops to think about the things we do each day it will stop the selfishness that so many of us do without even realizing. God has a simple message for all of us which is to love they neighbor. It is easy to be kind and takes no more effort than it does to be indifferent. It is not always a case of a cruel world, but a world that is indifferent to the needs of others. Consideration is an easy thing to manage for all of us and it is easy to be considerate.

Good brings good and bad brings bad. Anger perpetuates anger and kindness perpetuates kindness. It is such a simple premise yet so few of us choose to offer random acts of kindness that will make other’s live easier and our own lives more worthwhile. The kinder we are the kinder the world will be. It takes the actions of each individual to make improvements in the world and that means it must start with you. God is watching and encouraging us to be better people. With a little effort you can share God’s message one kind act at a time.

You can make a free personal prophecy request by visiting It is a quick and easy step to bring you closer to God and the Christian community.

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