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The Pros and Cons of Montessori School in NJ

When it comes to getting a good education for your children, many parents today are bucking the more traditional methods and looking into a Montessori School in NJ, instead. Today’s schools have become so structured that kids

The Benefits of Child Day Care

If you are stressed out about the potential of leaving your child in the care of someone else, you are far from alone. It can be a major decision, especially if this is your first child. However,

Preparing Your Child for Daycare

When your child has been cared for in your home, it’s important to prepare for the transition to a daycare environment. While it’s likely that your child will love the atmosphere at a daycare, there will be

The Importance of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an integral part of early childhood education, sometimes considered a bridge between preschool and first grade but other times considered akin to first grade itself. While the benefits of kindergarten include providing children with a

What Programs Are Available At Preschool Centers?

Preschool Centers offer more than standard daycare services. They present educational programs to prepare preschool children for kindergarten. The schools provide language arts, math, science, and art appreciation. Local preschools give parents access to these programs for

Children’s Play In Child Care

If it is true that children of all ages will play under all circumstances, then it is an even greater truism to say the same of pre-school children. Childcare is a necessity in today’s world and is