The Many Benefits of a Montessori Elementary School Education

The Montessori Method of education has been used successfully for decades, and it follows the basic idea that children should be allowed to follow their own educational interests in a nurturing and guiding atmosphere. The truth is that there are many advantages to a Beverly Montessori School education.

A Montessori education

At a Beverly Montessori School, educators recognize that children are naturally curious and that their minds are constantly exploring and discovering. Montessori teachers allow them the freedom, within parameters, to channel their native intellectual enthusiasm towards doing productive schoolwork. Children are expected to plan their own time when it comes to learning their daily lessons.

One hallmark of a Montessori classroom is that children are allowed to move around freely because restricting them to their seats for long periods of time leads to frustration and, ultimately, towards a disinterest in education. Everything in a Montessori classroom is within reach of the children, and the seating is comfortable.

Students at a Montessori school learn at their own pace, and this leads to better results. Students who are ahead aren’t held back by their peers, and students who are behind aren’t trying to keep up with lessons that they can’t understand. Montessori instructors teach to the individual child, and they never take a cookie-cutter approach to instruction.

The Montessori Method stresses teamwork and cooperation among students. Essentially, they learn the social skills that they will need later on in the workplace.

If you want your child to attend Montessori school in Beverly, get in touch with Council Oak Montessori School. They can discuss Montessori education in more depth and give you a tour of the facility.

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