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Steps Prior To Applying A Powder Coating

Powder coating has been a standard for improving the overall surface of a substrate for more than five decades. Moved from humble and often manual beginnings, it has become a highly automatic and sophisticated process. For fabricators

What is Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating?

Zinc is a very common element and is well known for its excellent resistance to corrosion. Nickel has some fine properties too. It is malleable, ductile and conducts electricity. When you combine the two metals into a

Axial flow fans and centrifugal fans

Axial flow fans move air parallel with the fans shaft, the air moves with a swirling motion which is created by the rotating blades. The velocity of the air is increased as the fan blades turn, these

Aluminum Vs Structural Steel in Cincinnati

Aluminum and structural steel in Cincinnati are the two most popular choices for construction. Depending on who you ask, each has its own benefits. Aluminum however stands out as the better choice for a number of reasons.