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Be Prepared With a Home Fire Extinguisher

You never know when a small fire might start in your home, garage or backyard. Everyday activities such as cooking or lighting your gas grill could result in a fire where you don’t want one. Having access

How Does Iowa Fire Control Help Local Businesses?

In Iowa, federal fire safety regulations require commercial property owners to install equipment to prevent fire-related injuries and deaths. The regulations define what equipment is needed according to the size of the property and how it is

A Guide to a Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Choose the Best

Most homes already come equipped with smoke detectors, and most states require that you have them. Insurance companies may also make it a necessity, so it’s best you comply. However, a detector isn’t quite the same as

Performing a Fire Resistance Test in Honolulu

Time is of the essence when a fire begins. For example, a glass of water can suppress the flames if the fire has only been burning for a minute. You need a bucket after two minutes, and