Mold Removal in Lakewood CO: Health and Causes of Molds

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Fire Protection Service

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Mold is known to grow in damp areas. The dampness might have initially been caused by heavy floods or leaked water. If any of the said situations made your house damp, and you never dried up the affected rooms or furniture properly, you might have created a harboring ground for molds. The presence of molds in your house not only damages your property, but it is also a health risk to you and your family. Experts in mold removal in Lakewood CO help to eliminate molds in your commercial or residential premises. Below are health risks of molds and their causes.

Health Risks of Mold exposure

People react differently to mold exposure. If there is an infant in the house, they are likely to be among the first ones to be affected. The child may suffer from respiratory problems in their first year of life. With prolonged exposure to molds, they might be at a higher risk of contracting asthma.

With other members of your family, there might be a variety of symptoms. They include stuffy noses, irritation of the eyes, coughing and wheezing and throat irritation. Cases of the skin being itchy as a result of being exposed to molds have been reported.

Causes of Mold Growth

If your plumbing was poorly done or is leaking, it might lead to mold growth. Leaking water pipes inside your house foundation might make your floor damp which in turn offers a good environment for mold growth.

Floods are also another cause of mold growth. Some areas are greatly affected by floods, and the water finds its way in the houses. If anything that came in contact with the water was not properly dried, it might later harbor molds.

You should repair your roof immediately you notice that it is leaking. Leaky roofs make your ceiling damp leading to molds. It might also wet your furniture, and if any of it is made from plywood, it acts as a good source of food for the molds therefore increasing their spread.

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