Sacrifice an Important Trend in New Churches

Sacrifice is one of the most profound ways we can show our love for God and those we love here on earth. God made the ultimate sacrifice when he gave up his son and in turn Jesus died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice to show his love for us as well as his faith in life everlasting. This is one aspect of Christianity that may seem to have fallen by the wayside, yet it is making a come back as a very important and influential aspect for many new churches today. This Prophecy News Update will take a look at sacrifice and its role in Christianity.

Self Sacrifice

Giving up your own wants, needs and comfort in the interest to help others is what self sacrifice is all about. Encouraging disciples of new churches to participate in self sacrifice is creating a more giving congregation. Self sacrifice does not only begin with charity but can be carried throughout your life in everything you do. Common examples of self sacrifice is the mother who feeds her children first and eats only what remains, or a person who assists someone with a highly contagious disease without concern about what happens to themselves. Churches actively seek out ways their congregation and disciples can assist others by giving up their own comforts.

Spreading the Word

New churches also work very hard to train and inspire disciples who they can then send out to spread the word of God. It can be challenging to find new younger members of a congregation as well as to find a pastor who can inspire and bring people to church on Sundays. In an effort to spread the word many new churches are sacrificing their own pastors in order to grow their following or to spread the word throughout other communities. In unhealthy ministries many senior members are very hesitant to share their knowledge and pastors as they feel they have invested time and money in nurturing them. This is even harder when these pastors are the one drawing in crowds. The new church views these talented disciples as the ideal vessels to spread God’s word. They believe it is more important to welcome new Christians in general as opposed to just their own congregations.

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