What to do About Raccoons

From the perspective of a raccoon, humans make really great neighbors. They are not aware that our chimneys, gardens, and bird feeders aren’t there just for them to use. They will take advantage of the shelter and the food which ends up causing the homeowner and themselves a lot of trouble in the long run. Getting rid of raccoons in your home means you will have to hire a wildlife removal company and shell out a lot of cash. However, there are some companies who will take care of the problem in an inexpensive and humane way.

The first thing that you will need to do is to put some newspaper in the hole to see if that particular hole is being used for an entrance for raccoons. You should keep that there for about 2-3 days. If the newspaper is not out of place, then chances are you do not have a raccoon getting into the entrance. If they are getting into the space and they are small, you may want to wait for their mother to come back because they are not able to survive on their own.

Bright lights and loud noises may scare the raccoons out of the area. Those are the most humane ways to do this on your own. You can put a small bowl of apple cider vinegar at the top of the chimney. You do not want to scare the raccoons and cause them to be harmful or dangerous to you. It is best to get them out and back into nature as humane as possible.

Summit Environmental Solutions are a team of experts that provide raccoon removal in Alexandria VA. Do not try to handle raccoon removal on your own. Take the time to hire an expert to get the job done.

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