Gymnasts must wear clothing that allows for easy movement, which is why wearing a leotard is the customary dress code during practices, performances and competitions. Leotards are made with stretchy material, such as lycra and spandex, to provide gymnasts with the freedom to quickly move about while performing a variety of stunts. In spite of the stringent dress code, most gyms are more relaxed with their requirements for practice clothing, providing athletes with the opportunities to add more variety to their attire.

Options for Leotards in Stores
Many gymnasts want to work out in clothing that fits their personal taste and style. Clothing stores that sell workout attire for gymnasts usually offer a limited range of options to choose from. Whether you’re shopping online or visiting a local apparel retailer, you will find that their ready-to-wear leotards are limited to a few brands and styles.

Customizing Your Practice Clothing
When you’re practicing gymnastics, one way to feel empowered and motivated to do your best is to wear clothing that suits your unique style. Many gymnastic athletes enjoy adding extra sparkle to their practice outfits. You can try different styles and mix and match for each practice. There are many ways to use your creativity to design your custom leotard. Choose your favorite colors and designs and add more shimmering detail to your look.

Shopping for Custom Leotards
When you’re shopping online for custom leotards, there are a wide variety of choices to help you create the look that is aligned with your vision. Garland Activewear lets you choose your own fabric and colors in addition to embellishments, like sequins and rhinestones. Different sizes of leotards are available, from youth to adults. All you need to do is choose your favorite style and request a quote to get started with customizing your attire. Start shopping at Garland Activewear today.

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