What You Need to Know About Printing Services in Hartford

Printing is not a 21st century invention, but over time it has evolved and become better, easier and more accommodating. Printing is one of those things that, in this day and age, we cannot do without. We use it to put authors’ thoughts on paper, to create wedding invitations, greeting cards, postcards, to put artwork or messages on clothes and in many more ways. The more you understand about the print industry, the more refined you become at choosing the best Printing Services in Hartford area. With printing, a good outcome will depend on the right artwork, type of materials, ink, finishing and binding and last, but not least, the right printer to help you make all these many tiny decisions. The different methods of printing are:

Digital printing

This uses digital imaging technology rather than film. This is to mean text or graphics can be sent from your computer to the printer directly, rendering typesetting during digital printing useless. Its only disadvantage is limitation of its color and paper choice.

Electrostatic printing

This process is similar to photocopying in a way. This is because it involves a toner sticking to a charged drum, and then it is thermally fused on to a page similar to photocopying.

Screen printing

Silk screening as it is known to others, forces ink through a screen in a stencil pattern. This method is most suitable for printing on items like mugs, clothes and billboards.

Other methods are embossing, engraving, flexography, letterpress, thermography and offset lithography.

In cases where you are not sure about what kind of printing is best suited to your needs, professionals in Printing Services Hartford will be able to advise you on the most suitable choice. As a client, it helps to know what printing options you have. As a business person, what is crucial is for you to know your need, what will work best for you and the results you intend to have. Once all these are decided upon, then you can confidently know you will be able to attain your anticipated results.

R.K. Johnson & Associates, LLC are dedicated to meeting all your printing needs. In addition to providing Printing Services, they are also equipped to provide guidance on what your best options are in printing. Read the full info here.

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