Things You Could Expect When You Move to an Oregon Senior Community

If you’re still capable of living on your own but want to be surrounded by others who are your age and can offer comfort and safety, consider moving to a community designed for seniors. Here are some things you could expect from this kind of living arrangement.

Your Own Space

There are a few different designs for senior living in Salem, OR. Most communities are comprised of small homes that are separate but close together. There are also communities with apartments or private sectioned areas in one large building. You’re going to have your own space regardless of the design of the community, which is beneficial so you can feel like you’re still in your home.


You’ll discover that there are several ways for you to get involved in a community for senior living in Salem, OR. You can play games with other people, enjoy crafts, sing, or go on outings with a group. There are usually scheduled activities for those who live in the community so they stay active both physically and mentally.

Your Own Belongings

A benefit of moving to a senior living community is that you can have many of your belongings in your home or personal space. Keep in mind that you might need to make arrangements for larger items, such as a bed or couch, but a chair, dresser, and decorations are usually allowed in a community. This is another step in making you feel comfortable with your surroundings.

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