What to Expect from Ag Consulting in Avon, IN

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Agricultural Service

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When you manage large farms with multiple crops, you can benefit from ag consulting in Avon, IN. These trained professionals interpret data and understand local soils and growing conditions. They will work closely with you to create plants that identify ways to improve your crops for the next season.

Services They Provide

When you get ag consulting services in Avon IN, they can start with soil sampling. They learn where the soil is fertile and what changes need to happen to optimize the soil throughout the fields. They also offer variable rate seeding. They combine agronomic recommendations and economic factors to improve your profit potential.

They also offer service bundles, where they can combine soil sampling, scouting, seeding, and DataOnTouch. DataOnTouch is a web and iOS based system that doesn’t require any setup. You get instant access to your maps, accounts, weather, scouting, and grain information. They also have a nitrogen model that uses soil probes to create accurate in-season and postseason evaluations.

Field Tissue Sampling

When you get ag consulting in Avon, IN, the professionals can come in and improve your yield potential by determining the nutrients in plants. They can give you field tissue sample collection services and lab analysis for multiple crops, and they will upload the results to your DataOnTouch account.

They will find out what is happening with your field tissue in your crops, and they will help you make sure that you have the nutrients you need to grow healthy crops.

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