Remove Fat Without Surgery

Traditional fat removal, liposuction, is quite invasive, non-surgical liposuction however is a way to remove fat without surgery in Chicago. Instead of having to make several incisions, the cosmetic surgeon can use several different methods including ultrasound, lasers and injections. These methods are used to break down the fat which is then dissolved and expelled naturally. When compared to traditional liposuction, non-surgical fat removal results in less downtime and fewer uncomfortable side effects, it is also less expensive.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty as well as lipectomy, is a surgical procedure. Although the effect is weight loss it is not promoted as weight loss surgery, it is promoted as cosmetic surgery since the result is a redefinition and reshaping of the human body. A cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure, once the patient is under the effects of anesthesia; the surgeon makes an incision where the fat is to be removed. Through the incision the surgeon places a long, very thin tube; the fat is suctioned out through this tube.

To remove fat without surgery in Chicago there is no need for any incision. The cosmetic surgeon has several ways that he or she can break down fat under the surface of the skin, once the fat is dissolved it is either burnt off or expelled naturally through perspiration or urination.

One common approach to non invasive liposuction is to use ultrasound. The doctor concentrates intense sound waves in the area surrounding the unwanted deposit of fat, the sound causes the fat to break down; the fat is then processed by the body and naturally expelled.

Some doctors are predisposed to using amino acids to break down the fat. The amino acid is injected into the unwanted fat deposit, the fat cells dissolve as a result. It is also possible to use a high intensity laser to break up the fat cells.

When given the choice many patients opt to remove fat without surgery in Chicago. There are several advantages to non-invasive liposuction, there is no swelling, bruising or post operative pain; in some cases with traditional liposuction there may be an infection or intestinal punctures which can be fatal.

Non-surgical liposuction costs less but it may not be quite as effective as the traditional method. In traditional liposuction the fat is removed immediately, in non-surgical liposuction it may take time for the results to be noticeable and it may take several sessions to see any significant difference.

Non-invasive liposuction is used to remove fat without surgery in Chicago. To learn more about this effective cosmetic treatment you are invited to contact The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

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