Helpful Tips for Baking with Alcohol

There are many avid bakers who love spiking the sweet treats they make with various types of alcohol. Wine, beers, liquors and other alcohol types bring a wide array of new, delicious flavors to baking and it makes a great conversation starter at parties. Some tips for baking with alcohol to make liqueur cakes can be found here.

Some Alcohols Have More Flavor

Bourbon is a very popular alcohol that is used in baking today. The flavor created can be cherry, vanilla, hints of honey, wood, oaky or smoky, depending on the different amounts of grain that are being used and the distillation process. The fact is, there is quite a bit of flavor in bourbon and when added to cupcakes and cakes, it impart the flavors listed above.

Gather Inspiration from Favorite Cocktails

When you plan on baking liqueur cakes, or any treat that includes alcohol, take a cue from some of your favorite drink recipes. For example, bloody Mary muffins are a delicious example. These are made with vodka, hot sauce and tomato paste. You can make these muffins with or without the vodka.

Don’t Cook Out all the Alcohol when Cooking with Vodka

When you avoid cooking out all the alcohol in the vodka, it will let a bit of the burn of the drink remain in the cooked item. By letting a bit of the taste linger in the liqueur cakes you cook, you can enhance their flavor profile and make it a more unique experience for those who eat it.
If you are planning on cooking with alcohol, it is a good idea to use the pointers here. Not everyone can do this right, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you may not like the way the baked item turns out. This is true for liqueur cakes, muffins, cookies and more.

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