Home Health Care Provides Benefits for Seniors

If an elderly loved one needs supervised care, home health care from Capital City Nurses can be the answer if you live in the state of Maryland. Capital City Nurses offers a wide range of services and has been in the business for nearly 40 years. All of our staff members have had background checks, and are certified, licensed and insured for your loved one’s safety.

Advantages of Home Health Care

Having your loved ones cared for in their own home has many advantages, and money isn’t the only one. The biggest benefit is allowing seniors to stay where they feel safe and secure, and not in an uncaring institution. It can also be tailored to each person’s needs and desires and doesn’t have to follow a formal schedule.

Plus, statistics have shown that it reduces hospital admissions, gives the senior more confidence, and provides one-on-one services such as help with toileting tasks, cleaning, laundry, cooking, transportation to doctor appointments, etc. They can also be a companion. Plus, the trained medical staff can give them their medications, take blood pressure readings, or provide other needed attentions in an environment where they learn to trust the provider and don’t have to go to a clinical facility.

Protects Personal Freedom, Healthier Environment

Being in their own homes gives seniors more personal freedom without the fear of something going wrong or them getting hurt or lost. That way they can grow old with dignity and not feel ashamed they had to move into a nursing home.

Besides, they are less likely to be exposed to dangerous germs and will be under less stress too. It will also be easier for everyone else to come to visit them in a family environment and enjoy their company.

Capital City Nurses Are Skilled, Experienced Caregivers

Capital City Nurses picks up where Medicare stops and cover services in the home after those funds are used up. They can provide RNs or LPNs, as well as nursing assistants and home health aides as needed. To determine your loved one’s needs, you can set up an appointment to speak with someone from our staff, by calling 1-866-807-7307.

We service several areas in Maryland, such as Easton, Baltimore, Bethesda and Salisbury. We are open 24 hours a day, and you’ll always find someone to answer all your questions. So, if you are considering hiring someone to take care of your loved one’s home health care needs, call Capital City Nurses at 1-800-807-7307 for more information.

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