6 Warning Signs Your Aging Parent Might Need Extra Help

Watching a parent age can be difficult for anyone. Over time, even the most capable parents need a little extra help to accomplish certain tasks. Fortunately, home care offers a great way to give aging parents a boost without drastically altering their lifestyle. Here are six warning signs your aging parent might need some assistance.

1. Transportation

Problems driving is one of the first signs that an aging parent might need additional assistance with everyday tasks. With slower reflexes and worsening eyesight, older folks might not be able to safely drive like they once could. If you bring in outside help, your aging parents might not feel the need to take care of ordinary errands. Keeping older parents off the road will help prevent a potentially devastating automobile accident.

2. Cooking

A great way to keep aging parents healthy is to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need. Some older adults, though, have difficulty preparing meals. If you hire a home care specialist to cook, you can guarantee your parents have access to nutritious food.

3. Balance

As you probably know, one of the most significant risks older people face comes from falling. An in-house care specialist can assist your elder parents with daily mobility. Even better, because they can handle household jobs that require standing on a ladder, home assistants help keep your aging parents from taking unnecessary risks.

4. Hygiene

Your parents are more likely to fall in the bathroom than anywhere else in their home. If you schedule some additional bathing or showering assistance, you can help protect them from a catastrophic slip. Similarly, by contracting with a care provider, you can be certain your aging parents avoid skin problems by helping them maintain their personal hygiene regimens.

5. Cleaning

Whether your parents suffer from a disorder or merely the effects of normal aging, they might have trouble keeping up with normal house cleaning. By bringing in outside help even one day a week, you can help your parents stay on top of routine home maintenance.

6. Loneliness

As your parents age, you might find they yearn for company. While clinical depression is a serious disorder that requires professional treatment, you might help address your parents’ loneliness by hiring a home care professional.

Watching parents age can be difficult for any adult son or daughter. If you notice your parents struggling with everyday tasks, it might be time to contact Capital City Nurses, outside help for in-home assistance. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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