Which is Best – Dark or Milk Chocolate for Candy Making?

If you enjoy making candies, you’ll want to include some exquisite chocolate-dipped morsels. They are perfect for parties, holidays, and any occasion. However, some people believe that dark chocolates are best while others prefer milk chocolate for candy making. So what is the right choice? Let’s explore this issue a little closer.

What is Dark Chocolate?

Dark or plain chocolates have few additives. They are commonly sold as baking bars and semi-sweet. In fact, some types are bitter. Dark chocolates are healthier than other chocolates.

What are Milk Chocolates?

When you make chocolates with milk, you create a sweet tasting treat. Milk chocolates arrived in the late Nineteenth Century and in the US, Milton Hershey introduced the Hershey Bar in 1900. You can use both milk and dark chocolate for candy making, and it is mostly a matter of preference.

Dark Benefits

Many bakers prefer cooking with dark chocolates. It’s easy to work with and has a nice thick consistency. Also, some people have lactose intolerance or milk allergies, and dark chocolates are best because they do not contain dairy products.

Milk Chocolate Benefits

When it comes to taste, milk chocolates are sweeter, and kids prefer sweet over bitter. In fact, most kids are not fond of dark chocolates because of the taste. If you want to create great tasting treats for kids, go with milk chocolate for candy making.

The Importance of Quality

Whatever chocolate you decide to use, always consider quality. For example, cheap dark chocolate products are bitterer than the best products. The same is true with milk chocolate. Cheap milk chocolate candy sometimes tastes funny due to inexpensive additives and fillers. It costs more for the best chocolate, but the difference in taste is worth the extra money. If you are still not sure, then try both types and compare.

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