Important auto glass repair frequently asked questions

Not many people know enough about windshield repair to not be worried when they need our services. If you are one of those people and are struggling with any one of these questions, here are some answers that might help.

The crack and repair times

For most people, the damage, at least in their eyes is often not too serious. The biggest question, then, is at what point one should seek repair when they see a crack in their windshield. The answer here is immediately. It might not seem like it, but even the smallest of cracks eventually grows into a large fissure, and might reach the point where a replacement is the only option. Furthermore, moisture and dust might get into the crack making the repair harder. It is therefore important to have the repairs done as soon as possible.

Mobile services

It could be as a result of an accident or a busy schedule, but most people find they need mobile windshield replacement in Dallas. Depending on the nature of the job, our company will always be able to meet you at your point of need. If the glass repair is minimal, a mobile repair kit might suffice. You will however have to bring your car in for more comprehensive repairs as soon as you find time.

Repair or replace?

Whether it is a repair or replacement job, rest assured that our professionals will be able to provide comprehensive assistance. One of the most frequently asked questions has to do with which between repair and replacement will be the better option. The answer here depends on the situation. The rule of thumb, though is that a crack more than 6 inches long is best handled the replacement way. Anything less and repair is the better, cost effective alternative.


The significance of cost in any service delivery scenario must never be underestimated. Whatever the quotation, the important thing is the value for money. We make sure the parts we use are up to standards and long lasting, parts that will serve you the same, or even better, than what you had before.

Are you looking for quality auto glass repair or replacement in the Dallas area? Look no further than A & M glass service. Call us at (214) 327-9988 and request a quote.

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