Tips for Cupcake Sprinkles

Cupcakes are a smaller medium to work with. If you are a professional decorator or you are just making a few dozen for a family event, you know that cupcakes take a lot of finesse and a lot of time to get right. It is common for bakers to go overboard. But, when you focus on having the smaller scale, you can rest assured that your finished products will look stunning. But, when it comes to things like cupcake sprinkles, the details really do make a difference.

Create the Theme or Look First

Before you invest in cupcake sprinkles, take a moment to consider the design or look you are after. What’s important is to buy sprinkles and other decorations that fit the overall dimensions you desire and to do so well. For example, if you are looking for something soft and beautiful, you don’t want larger sprinkles in primary colors. You want sprinkles that are more of a dusting or light consistency. On the other hand, if you want something that is more for a toddler and more with them, then go with larger candy sprinkles in brighter colors.

Less is often more, too. Remember, this is a small, blank space that you can turn into anything that you think is just right for your special occasion. But, if you add too many cupcake sprinkles, you will find the end result is overwhelming. Your message does not get through.

Yes, you should buy cupcake sprinkles that are specifically designed for this smaller surface. You’ll find a variety of stunning options available in any style, color, or pattern that may be right for you. But, take the time to buy wisely, and with a focus on the finished look, you are after. The right sprinkles can really make your design come true.

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