Emergency Vet Services-Because Emergencies aren’t Exclusive to People

When you do not feel yourself or experience an injury, you visit the E.R. Pets can behave out of character and experience health issues too. Our greatest cocnern as pet owners is that there is a greater underlying cause to health issues we witness in our beloved animals. A visit to a vet can sometimes not be enough-sometimes we need to get our animal to their own equivalent of an E.R.—emergency vet services.

When to Visit a Vet Hospital
Visits to the veterinarian can seem rushed. Some visits can leave you wondering if the issue was thoroughly discovered and handled. If you need another, more-developed opinion regarding your own health, you visit a specialist.  Similarly, your pet may need to visit a vet hospital or emergency vet clinic. Veterinarians in vet clinics specialize in different facets of animal health; for example, a vet clinic may offer professionals of cardiology, oncology, neurology, surgery, and ophthalmology to better service your animal pal. If you notice your animal showing symptoms of great distress, a vet hospital will most likely help him or her best.

Don’t Leave Your Vet Just Yet
Just like you have a personal family physician, so should your pet. Keep your regular veterinarian for now because most vet hospitals or clinics can only be accessed if you are referred there by your animal’s personal veterinarian. Just as your doctor may refer you to a cardiologist or dermatologist, your animal may need to visit a veterinarian specific to a medical discipline. If you do decide to leave your current veterinarian even after attending the vet hospital, ask for contacts at the vet hospital and state your wants and needs clearly.

Stay Updated with Your Veterinarian Hospital
The websites of emergency vet services facilities generally include more information on how you can assist your animal in their pursuit of health. Check their website for information on preventing the intake of toxins specific to certain animals, when and how to apply flea treatments, and signs of illness. Many vet hospitals are also open 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week with receptionists willing to take your call and offer advice over the phone. Don’t forget that this service may still be available to you even after your original visit.

Searching for more dependable and in-depth veterinary care in the NYC area? Ask your current veterinarian about Brooklyn’s own multi-disciplinary animal hospital, VERG (Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group).

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