Fun Facts About Dog Grooming in Omaha, NE

Dog owners know it is very important to keep their beloved pet groomed. There are, however, some fun and interesting facts about Dog Grooming in Omaha NE to which they may not be privy. Here are just a few of them to peruse before it is time to take care of Fido.

All The World’s A Stage

Many pet owners may not realize this, but there are actually different stages in the growth of a dog’s fur. Scientists say this is beneficial because, if the fur follicles were all growing at the same time, the dog would actually become bald very quickly. There are four stages to the growth, consisting of the anagen stage in which the fur is actively growing, the catagen stage where the fur gets to the length it is genetically determined to reach, the telogen stage, which is more or less a dormant stage in regards to fur, and the exogen stage, where the fur begins to shed.

Fool Me Once

The natural shedding cycle which existed for dogs in the past has essentially been ruined by the modern convenience of indoor living. That’s right, Mother Nature has been fooled by air-conditioning and heaters, and the cycles of bi-annual shedding are no longer applicable. Modern dogs shed all year, much to the chagrin of their owners.

About Those Matted Clumps

The quickest way to let a dog look mangy and unkempt is to let is fur become matted. Not only is this terribly unsightly for the look of the animal, but many people do not realize just how dangerous it can be. The matted clumps of fur act to trap moisture against the dog’s skin, which can lead to sores on its flesh and, in some cases, infections. This is why the pet owner needs to be vigilant about taking their dog in for Dog Grooming in Omaha NE.

If grooming the dog is not something the owner is physically capable of, or if they simply do not have the time to do so, they should contact an experienced dog groomer such as The grooming experts can ensure the beloved animal comes home looking its absolute best.

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