Options In Chicken Dog Treats

There are several different products on the market that are sold to dog owners to help their pets to have a great tasting snack that provides a long, satisfying chew. Different flavors in these types of chew bones range from beef to peanut butter, so it can be hard to determine what a dog will like the best.

For dogs of any kind and of any age, chicken dog treats are always a good choice. However, choosing the right type of treat and the one that is healthiest and best for your dog is critical.

Ingredients Review

One of the best things to do when comparing chicken dog treats is to take a close look at the ingredients listed on the back of the package. Look carefully to make sure there is no rawhide in the chew toy, as there are some chicken flavored rawhide chews on the market.

After verifying it is a no rawhide option, look to see where chicken is located in the ingredients list. These ingredients are listed by weight in the formulation, and the higher to the top of the list the more chicken is in the chew. If it is the first ingredient that is even better for the nutrition level in the chew.

The chicken should not be listed as a chicken byproduct or chicken meal, but rather just the word “chicken.” Check the other ingredients and look for healthy, nutritious ingredients. Do not be thrown off by scientific names, essential vitamins and minerals may be listed by either common or correct name.

Size and Shape

The chicken dog treats that are right for your dog are large enough to provide satisfying chewing action. They should also be large enough that they cannot be swallowed by the dog before they have been chewed.

Shapes can vary from knots to twists or even braids. Most dogs will enjoy all shapes of chews, so it is really a matter of how aggressively they chew when making a selection.

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