New Puppy Training Tips

Do you have a new puppy in the house? Puppies bring a lot of joy into a home, but it’s important to start training your puppy as soon as possible. Otherwise, your new puppy could develop habits that cause trouble, like chewing or inappropriate barking. here are some new puppy training tips to keep in mind.

Allow Plenty of Time

Most dogs are very smart, as the veterinarians Frederick residents trust most always say. Even so, you have to allow your puppy plenty of time to catch on to the training that you’re trying to accomplish. If you can take some time off work to train your puppy that would be ideal. If not, dedicating evenings and weekends to puppy training should be sufficient.

Arrange a Sleeping Area

The first thing you’ll want to do is to give your puppy a sleeping area. This will help train your puppy to stay off the beds in the home. If you want to occasionally allow your dog to sleep with you, that’s fine, but they should still have their own basket or giant pillow to sleep on.

Work on Potty Training

To ensure a happy transition into your home, work on potty training first. The veterinarians Frederick residents trust the most recommend teaching your puppy to go outdoors by bringing him outside after each meal. If you want your puppy to go in a certain area in the yard, lead him to that same area each time. His first instinct after eating will be to relieve his bowels, so potty training should come fairly easy.

Control Chewing

Just like babies, puppies love to chew. It’s their way of exploring their surroundings. Be sure to provide an assortment of safe chew toys so your puppy doesn’t fixate on the family shoes.

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