Critical Kitten Care: How to Ensure a Happy and Health Kitty

Cats make great companions, and they can round out your family unit. When you first get a cat, it is important that you take some steps to make sure they can live the best life they can. Your responsibilities as a pet owner mean you need to take care of this animal in an accountable manner. Some topics of care for a cat include food and water, veterinary care, and love.

Food and Water

Food and water are basic necessities for all life. They are very simple, but so important. Your kitten is going to need a quality food, and many different pet foods make products designed for kittens. Talk to your vet about what is right for your animal. Treats, while great fun, should not be a stable in your kitten’s diet. They do not provide the nutrition that your animal needs to grow healthy and strong. Water needs to be readily available. It should be fresh, as stale water does not taste nice, and it can start to grow bacteria in a surprisingly short period of time.

Veterinary Care

Your kitten’s health depends on proper veterinary care. In South Loop, animal hospitals can provide a number of services to keep your kitten happy, well into adulthood. It is important to vaccinate, spay or neuter, and regularly schedule checkups for your cat. This preventative care can go a long way in maintaining your cat’s health.


You cat needs love, attention, and entertainment. These are creatures with feelings and emotions, and deserve to be treated as such. Toys and play time will give a cat the required exercise, and can also improve behaviors. They need outlets for hunting and scratching that are going to be more appropriate than your furniture. A cat that has attentive owners will be healthier and happier than a cat that is ignored or mistreated.

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