Things to Remove Before Chimney Cleaning in Hagerstown, MD

A flickering fire sets a cozy atmosphere. While the heat produced from the burning fuel is nice, the by products often buildup in the chimney. Thus, it is essential to occasionally clean the chimney. There are several things to think about removing before the Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps come for their appointment to clean the chimney. While they will take means to protect your items, it is often better just to move these things out of the way.

The first thing to think about with Chimney Cleaning in Hagerstown, MD is making sure to remove all of the furniture from the area. While the sweepers do their best to protect the household furniture, it is easier if you move the furniture from the area before hand. Not only does this prevent the furniture from becoming covered in soot, it makes it easier to keep your furniture clean without covering it in plastic.

You also want to remove any fragile items that are on the mantle piece. Since the chimney needs to be cleaned from the top to the bottom, removing these pieces will ensure that they won’t accidentally fall off and break from the vibration of the cleaning. Temporarily removing them will give you one less thing to worry about during a good cleaning. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your items later.

If you have any rugs in front of the fireplace, then you should also remove them before the Chimney Cleaning in Hagerstown, MD as well. This will help prevent them from inadvertently becoming dirty from soot. While protective plastic is often laid down in front of the fireplace to protect the floors, rugs are movable. They can move during the work and become uncovered from the plastic covering. The exposure to soot may not be noticed until later on.

It is important to get your chimney cleaned out on a regular basis. If you take the proper preparations by temporarily removing some items, then you won’t have to worry about these items getting covered in soot. While the company will try to keep the area as clean as possible, soot is something that tends to get everywhere even with the best protection.

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