The Best Practices for Hiring a Maritime Lawyer in Massapequa, NY

Knowing when you should hire an attorney, what questions need to be asked and how they expect to be paid can save you a good amount of time, money and stress. This is especially true when you are dealing with complex maritime issues. Use the following information to help you determine if you need the services of a Maritime Lawyer in Massapequa, NY.

When it is Time to Seek Legal Representation

If a maritime worker is hurt, they should contact a qualified attorney directly after the accident. It is important to seek this legal representation directly after the injury due to all of the documents that are involved with the accident and ensuring that no vital information to your case is lost. Additionally, there is usually a statute of limitations, which will limit the period of time that an individual has to actually file a lawsuit.

Ask the Appropriate Questions

In order to be sure that you hire the proper attorney for your maritime case, it is essential that you ask the appropriate questions. Some questions to include when you meet with a Maritime Lawyer in Massapequa NY are: how many claims that have been handled by the maritime lawyer; the type of funding that they have available, as these cases may be expensive to try and prepare; and if they have the time to dedicate to your particular situation.

Ask about Compensation for their Services

The majority of maritime attorneys, including Gregory R. LaMarca, work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they will only receive payment if your case is successful. However, it is still important to find out what they charge upfront. Average charges are around 40 percent, but it is important that you get this number prior to picking your attorney, otherwise you may be hit with significant fees that you did not plan on having to pay.

Look for a Sense of Commitment

In most situations, a maritime case will take much more time to work through than other types of cases; therefore, it is essential that you find an attorney that is committed to your case and has the time to dedicate to your situation.

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