Where do Contractors Go for the Materials Needed to Fabricate a Countertop in San Fernando Valley, CA?

Custom countertops usually aren’t pre-made in a factory. Instead, they’re fabricated to meet the designated specifications. This means that counter makers need a variety of components so that they can create the desired colors and designs. Such components are sold to contractors and other professionals by companies like Harter Surfaces. With these components, it’s easy for a qualified fabricator to make a countertop in San Fernando Valley, CA that will delight the final customer.

Even though many people use the term “countertop” to describe the entirety of this product, the actual top is usually just a small part of it. Counters that aren’t made of solid stone or concrete are actually topped with a thin piece of laminating material made by a company like Formica, Nevermar, or Pionite. The majority of the counter is made of strong but inexpensive materials like particle board, standard hardboard, or a form of MDF board. A variety of adhesives can be used to bond the two solids together to form a long-lasting and durable unit.

Because of these facts, someone who wants to make a countertop in San Fernando Valley, CA will usually need to buy at least three things: A proper board, adhesive, and sheets of laminate. Companies that serve countertop fabricators will therefore stock all of the major brands of these components. This will allow the counters to be made in a huge variety of colors and patterns and have the boards needed to withstand the demands of many specific applications.

For those that just need to install a countertop in a customer’s home but don’t want to fabricate it themselves, companies like Harter often offer a small selection of prefabricated countertops. These come in several of the most popular patterns and colors and can be cut to size by the supplier. There is typically just one edge style, but it is one that will fit well with a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom styles. With these options, the only time a countertop will actually have to be fabricated is if a customer wants an option that’s different from the top 10 or so most popular colors.

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