Common Ways to Use Retractable Banners

When you are setting up an event at a crowded venue, it can be difficult trying to lug around large signs. For this reason, many people are turning to retractable banners, which are also known commonly as pop up banners, for their on-the-go presentation needs. These marketing tools are easy to carry and will provide you with many advantages in a wide variety of business settings.

Regardless if you are presenting at a convention, conference, private meeting or tradeshow, when you use a retractable banner effectively, you will succeed in putting the best foot forward for your brand. There are many common settings where you can use retractable banners to employ ideal visual appeal.


At a tradeshow, companies are all put together in a massive hall where they must vie for the attention of trade representatives, business professionals and the media. A retractable banner provides an excellent way to grab attention.

These banners can emphasize your specific services or products and display company slogans or logos as well. For the greatest impact, you should consider setting up the banner in front of your booth and angling it toward the heaviest foot traffic. This will give you the greatest level of visibility to those in attendance at the event. If at all possible, you could use two of the same banner and face in opposite directions for maximum exposure. In darker rooms, use LEDs to highlight your banner if electrical outlets are accessible.


If you are planning a conference and do not have hours to spend setting up at the venue, then retractable banners are the obvious solution. You can use these banners to emphasize key points, promote speakers and indicate venue areas in use. Use them at the registration and check-in areas with step-by-step instructions.

Often times, a conference will be packed full of people, making navigating through the crowd rather difficult. Therefore, it is critical that you use your time wisely. Use the banner to direct foot traffic in an effort to alleviate any inconvenience or congestion. You will be able to easily direct guests to the proper conference areas. In addition, you can use these banners on the stage to draw attention and add visual appeal for specific topics.

These are only the most popular uses for these banners. They also work great at community fairs, special events, presentations, product launches, charity events and more. Because of their versatility and portable design, you can use retractable banners in Chicago in a wide range of settings with great success.

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