Things to Consider When Purchasing Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago

These days it’s possible to get all sorts of different types of contact lenses, including those that change the color of the eyes or produce other special effects, like cat eyes. While this can be a fun thing to do, there are some things that should be taken into account before deciding to purchase Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago.

Attention Received

The main reason people opt for these lenses is to get attention. They can make the eyes look a totally different color, including those like amethyst that don’t occur naturally, which can make people more likely to notice you. They can also be a great way to complete certain Halloween costumes.


It isn’t a good idea to buy contact lenses of any type from a source that doesn’t require a prescription. Basically, companies shouldn’t sell these lenses without a person having an eye exam to make sure that there isn’t any reason why they can’t safely wear them. The prescription for cosmetic lenses for those that don’t need vision correction is simply 0.00. Buying from a less-than-reputable source makes it more likely that an allergic reaction, an infection, or vision problems could occur due to wearing these lenses. It’s best to go to an optometrist or eye doctor for these Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago. This means avoiding the cheap lenses sometimes available at flea markets, street vendors, and Halloween stores.

Care Considerations

The key to making a colored contact experiment work well is to take the same safety precautions as with regular contacts. This means properly inserting them, using the right cleaning solution and discontinuing use if the contacts cause the eyes to become red or painful, as these are signs of a possible infection.

Comfort Considerations

Colored contact lenses are relatively similar to regular contact lenses, but special effects lenses tend to be thicker, which some people may find to be uncomfortable. Those who aren’t used to regularly wearing any type of contact lenses may find that colored or special effects lenses make their eyes dry or irritated, at least at first.

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