4c Hair Complaints Made Solvable by a Georgia-Based Hair Care Company

Depending on who is asked, 4c hair can be described as the beautifully, tightly-coiled hair type that is a joy to have or one that is a bit more difficult to manage. In most cases, the poor review will come from someone who just isn’t using the right products. Here are a few facts about 4c hair and why it is so important to only use products that are geared specifically to that hair type.

It Is Prone to Breakage

As strong as this hair type may be, it still has the tendency to break off fairly easy. For those who are looking to retain their volume, 4c hair products are a godsend. These formulas create protective barriers against friction and moisturize the scalp so that each strand is protected, from its base to its tip.

It Tangles Easily

Captivating coils can quickly turn into locks if the wearer isn’t super careful as tangling is its second nature. 4c hair products are the only ones designed to be able to effectively detangle the strands while making it harder for kinks to form in the future.

It Requires a Lot of Moisture

A common complaint about this texture is that it has a way of soaking up moisture in record time. However, a specialized sealant and moisturizing formula will be enough to keep the hair hydrated as long as they are used on a weekly basis.

Texture My Way offers a variety of high-quality products designed to make both managing and caring for 4c hair a pleasurable journey.

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