Companionship Service Provided by Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia

An older adult may no longer be able to drive and may wind up spending a lot of time home without anyone to talk with. If this individual has some mobility issues or conditions like arthritis, housekeeping may feel like too much of a burden, and cleaning may go by the wayside. Family members might not live in the immediate vicinity and be unsure of what to do. Fortunately, Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia provide varying levels of service, and they can send personal care workers to help.

This elderly individual may not need nursing care or a nursing assistant but may benefit greatly from someone to assist with light house cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation. Family members who worry about their loved ones being lonely appreciate the simple companionship provided by the personal care worker. These relatives may only be able to visit on weekends, but that leaves several long days throughout the week when the elderly individual sits home.

Personal care workers connected with home care agency in Philadelphia also can bring the client to appointments, to stores, and to run errands. The two can travel to the library, to an office to pay a bill, and to a free seminar at a natural food store. This provides a way for the individual to get out regularly, which is mentally stimulating and emotionally healthier than living like a shut-in.

Back at home, the worker providing companionship is ready to have a snack or a meal with the client. They might watch a TV show or two together, or a DVD they borrowed from the library. They might read the local newspaper together at the kitchen table and discuss exciting events. These simple times of togetherness can significantly boost the elderly individual’s mood and result in a more positive attitude. With a worker from an agency like Aurora Home Care scheduled to arrive a few times a week, this person has something to look forward to instead of waiting until the weekend for relatives to visit. Contact us for information on this type of service.

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