Georgia-Based Startup Makes Premium Daily Moisturizer For 4C Hair

There are so many bad myths about kinky hair. The prevailing myths make it difficult for you to find the right hair care products. The same myths make it nearly impossible to give your natural crown and glory the love and attention it requires to be healthy and strong. The following are two common kinky hair myths debunked.

Myth No. 1: All Kinky Hair is the Same

On the contrary, kinky hair texture is as diverse as any other hair texture. The shape of the wave pattern, tightness of the curl and the hair density make for tremendous variety. Kinky hair is typically Type 4 hair. It ranges from A to C, with wave/curl pattern resembling “S,” “Z” or very tight coils.

Type 4C hair has the tightest coil. This hair type has a naturally nuanced definition, wiry-to-coarse texture, and is prone to dryness and shrinkage. It requires gentle but dedicated cleansing and an effective daily moisturizer for 4C hair.

Myth No. 2: Shiny, Kinky Hair is Greasy Hair

Shiny, kinky hair isn’t greasy inherently. Up until recently, most over-the-counter products geared at kinky hair contained mineral oils, heavy waxes, and petrolatum.

These agents seem to tame kinky hair and give it luster, but they merely coat the hair shaft, sitting on top of it. Greasy hair appears moisturized and shiny, but the effects are merely topical. Heavy waxes, oils, and petrolatum prevent healthy moisture from penetrating the shaft, leaving hair dry and dusty after a while and ripe for breakage.

Effective daily moisturizer for 4C hair contains ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. These humectants promote moisture uptake and retention, attracting moisture into the hair shaft and sealing it in while leaving hair breathable.

Olive oil and shea butter are also lipid-based. They boast healthy fats that nourish hair and give it a rich, lustrous appearance that shimmers without looking or feeling greasy.