How to Remove the Tangles in 4c Hair On Wash Day In Stone Mountain

If you have 4c hair and going natural, then it helps to have the right tools on hand. This hair type has a texture that is coarse and lacks definition. It also requires more time to manage on a consistent basis. Read on to find out the proper method for detangling 4c hair on wash day.

Restore Moisture

4c hair is prone to dryness. The structure of the hair strands causes 4c hair to lose moisture quickly. Other things can also cause dryness, such as sun, salty water, wind, and heat. For these reasons, it is important to restore moisture to your hair before shampooing.

Do a Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

A pre-poo treatment treats your hair with a conditioner, oil, or a combination of both to prepare your hair for wash day. It works by filling in the gaps between your hair strands. This treatment also provides a barrier to prevent losing more moisture during the shampooing process. The purpose of a pre-poo treatment is to help your hair retain moisture.

Use Products that Give Slip

It helps to use products that make detangling 4c hair easier. Oils and conditioners will give your hair slip. You can comb through the hair without running into knots and tangles. When applying a conditioner, it helps to apply it from roots to the ends.

The appearance of 4c hair is easy to manage with the right methods and products. Contact Texture My Way for natural products made for your hair.

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