Why Order a Fern Plant in Florida?

Whether you’re looking for a pop of lush greenery in your outdoor landscaping or to add some strategic filler to an otherwise dark corner of your property, consider investing in a fern plant from Florida. Glance below for a rundown of the benefits provided by ferns in your landscaping.

Unique Property Addition

Regardless of if you’re going for a lush, tropical oasis around your patio or a beachy feel to your next backyard gathering, ferns are always an attractive addition. Their distinctive shape and wide variety of tones add substantial interest to your yard.

Wide Variety of Sizes

There are more than 900 different species of ferns, meaning that there is undoubtedly a fern that is perfectly scaled for your yard. Consider shorter and bushier ground ferns around patios and your foundation, while utilizing taller varieties of tree ferns as show pieces in your garden or attractive additions to privacy fences.

Lower Lighting Needs

Ferns are native to the rainforest floor, making them extremely shade tolerant. This predilection towards shady spaces makes fern plant in Florida a superstar in your garden, especially locations like under large trees, bordering tall fences, or underneath overhangs. Utilize a layered approach with a wide variety of sizes and heights to amp up the style in a shady section of your yard.

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