Why you need to Focus on Being Grateful

So many of us live our lives wanting without looking at what we already have. If you find you are always asking God for something instead of thanking him for something you do not really understand how God wishes you to live your life. In order to be closer to God you have to learn to focus on the good in the world and believe God has even more goodness coming to you. A good way to help understand God has only good intended for you is to have a Bishop Jordan Prophecy. He will share God’s intention with you so that you can see how much God loves you and learn how God’s love allows you to do well in the world.

Give Thanks
It is not to say that God does not wish you to seek his guidance and assistance. God wants to help you live a happy and fulfilling life. However if you cannot look at yourself and what you have you will never learn the importance of being grateful. If you can look at each day and say thank you Lord for my family, my home and my job than you will not understand the power of appreciating God’s love and gifts. If you are thinking but I do not have these things, than you must wake up everyday with a true, undeniable belief that God intends you to have them. Thank God for every new day of life that is giving you the opportunity to open your heart to his love and embrace faith that God will guide you to better things when you begin to live with the love of Jesus on your side.

Appreciate Each Day
What tests you the most is being able to remain faithful even in the face of negative occurrences in your life. However, understanding what faith is will allow you to remain faithful against all odds. That means waking up everyday and celebrating the gift of life and showing your appreciation with a prayer of thanks. As your faith grows so too will your belief that God has wonderful plans for you and a Bishop Jordan Prophecy will only help to reinforce God’s love for you. When you open your heart and give thanks everyday, each day you will be given more for which to be grateful.

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