How Do the Stratford CT Dentists Place Crowns on Your Teeth?

When your teeth are healthy, they are normally very strong and can easily resist being damaged. If the strength and structure of your tooth becomes compromised, you can experience damage to your tooth. Damages can be caused by cavities, infections and injuries. Though some minor damage may not compromise the health or stability of your tooth, major damages can quickly cause destruction. Once the structure of your tooth has been compromised, it will typically continue to experience damage, eventually breaking off. To avoid losing your tooth to damage, the Stratford CT Dentists can place a crown over your tooth. This will completely cover your tooth, not only protecting it, but also improving its integrity and appearance.

How Do the Stratford CT Dentists Apply Crowns to Your Teeth?

When getting a crown placed on your tooth, it will first need to be numbed. This is because the dentist will be using special tools to shape your tooth, making it much smaller and rounder. Once you are numb, the shaping process will begin. Your tooth will go from its normal square shape to a peg shape. Making the tooth into this shapes allows it to be able to fit securely in the crown. Though the crown will be adhered with a special dental adhesive to hold it in place, it still needs to fit snugly so there is a water-tight seal between your tooth and the crown.

Once adhered in place, a crown will typically last for many years. Your crown will last longer if you take proper care to avoid chewing on hard food or non-food items. You will also need to have routine maintenance carried out on your tooth. Your dentist will instruct you how to properly care for your crown, so you do not experience damage. If your crown does become damaged, the dentist may be able to repair or it or it can replaced

If you have had damage occur in your tooth, there is help to be able to save it. Contact the dental office of Larry I Gottlieb DDS and schedule your appointment for a consultation today.

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