Avoiding Jail Time With Help From the Oleen Law Firm

A key goal for many defendants is to get out of jail as soon as possible. Another key goal for defendants is to stay out of jail once they are bailed out. Unfortunately, those who decide to try to deal with their criminal charges without legal counsel will probably end up being incarcerated for longer periods of time than those who decide to hire criminal defense attorneys. A good choice for those who need a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS is to hire the Oleen Law Firm.

There are a number of ways that a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS can help defendants get out of jail quicker after being arrested by the police. If the criminal charges being filed against the defendant are serious, the bail amount may be quite high. Bail bond companies may refuse to bail defendants out of jail or may require collateral that the family does not have. A defense lawyer can argue at the arraignment to have the bail lowered. The criminal defense attorney knows what the judge wants when requesting a reduction in the bail amount. For example, the defense lawyer will argue that the defendant has strong local ties to community such as a job and family which reduces the risk of flight.

The more important goal for most defendants is to stay out of jail. Defense lawyers at the Oleen Law Firm will try their hardest to keep clients out of jail. If the prosecution’s case is very weak, it may be possible for the defense lawyer to convince the prosecutor to drop the case. If that is not possible, it may be necessary for the defendant to let a jury decide. In many instances, the prosecution’s case is fairly strong. The chances of conviction at a jury trial may be high. That is when it may be advantageous to plea bargain with the prosecutor to reduce the amount of time in jail in exchange for not going to trial. The prosecutor wants to avoid jury trials since juries can sometimes be unpredictable. A plea bargain counts as a win for the state. In some instances, the conviction may result in no jail at all with probation as the punishment. That is why those who want to get out of jail and stay out should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney.

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