Why There Is an Increasing Demand for Cremation in Cincinnati, OH

In 1960 only about 4% of Americans opted for cremation. Estimates by the Cremation Society of North America predict that 54% will choose cremation by 2020, because it offers a range of benefits. For example families choose Cremation in Cincinnati OH in order to arrange unique funerals. Many want to avoid cemetery burials. Cremation also offers very affordable options.

Funeral Arrangements Are More Personal

Clients who choose Cremation in Cincinnati OH often want funeral services to reflect the personalities of the deceased. Many families feel that traditional arrangements have a one-size-fits all feeling that does not fit unusual and especially free-spirited people. These clients have the bodies cremated and are then free to hold funerals in any location they want. The ashes can be scattered in meaningful places, added to keepsake jewelry or placed in urns. Burial is still possible, but it does not have to be in a cemetery.

Clients May Want to Avoid Cemetery Burials

Cremation is also popular among families who do not want cemetery burials. Eco-friendly residents often feel that local land devoted to cemetery plots would be better used for the needs of the living. Some also oppose placing pollutants like embalming fluid, caskets and cement liners in the ground. As materials decompose they can seep into ground water. There are also those who arrange for cremation because they simply dislike the idea of being buried.

Cremation Is a Budget Friendly Choice

Clients also opt for cremation in response to the rising costs of traditional services. The Cremation Research Council estimates that an average cremation costs $1,000 or less. In contrast, typical funerals which include cemetery burials cost between $7,000 and $10,000. Families who choose direct cremation may have the ashes returned to them and then they plan funerals. Some clients arrange for traditions like viewings where bodies are displayed in rented caskets with disposable liners. Remains are cremated after services are over.

The demand for cremation is steadily rising, primarily because it is an affordable option. Families who are opposed to burying bodies in cemeteries also choose cremation. In addition, it is the most common option among clients who want maximum flexibility in funeral planning.

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