Are You Facing a Legal Situation? Contact a Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

If you’re facing a legal situation without an attorney, the results of the case could have a poor outcome. A lawyer in Manhattan, KS can provide you with sound legal advice so you can make the best decision possible for your case. If you’re facing criminal charges, you may have been arrested illegally, and an experienced criminal attorney will be able to identify this and aggressively fight against the prosecutor. If you or a loved one have been injured because of the negligence of another individual, an attorney will aggressively fight against the insurance company to receive the highest settlement possible. An attorney’s knowledge is invaluable when you’re facing legal matters.

Personal Injury

An insurance company’s main goal is to save as much money as possible and limit the amount they pay in settlements. They will use an adjuster to put pressure on a victim or their family to settle much sooner than they should and for a lower amount than they’re legally entitled to. A lawyer in Manhattan, KS understands all of the tricks an insurance company will try on a victim and will protect them from short-changing themselves in a financial settlement.


Divorce is common in today’s society, and poor decisions during the final settlement in a divorce could change an individual’s financial life for many years to come. Excessive spousal support or loss of all of the assets from the marriage can hardly happen when an individual is represented by a family attorney. They can help to negotiate a fair settlement and work to achieve a client’s goals.

Child Support

The court system follows a formula for calculating child support, but there are many things that must be taken into account when the final court order is issued. The parent that pays for child care or health insurance can present those bills to be calculated into or out of the support payment. If a child has special needs, the calculation may be different.

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