Why Funeral Arrangements in Orange City, FL Often Include Cremation

Today a memorial service in Orange City is just as likely to take place on a beach as it is in a church. That is because modern Funeral Arrangements in Orange City FL often include cremation, with no body present. Professionals like Fourtowns Cremation Inc. are seeing a dramatic increase in requests for cremation as more families look for ways to reduce funeral expenses and still pay tribute to those they have lost. Cremation also lets them hold funerals where they want and choose creative memorials.

Beautiful Funerals Become Affordable

Many families choose cremation because it allows them to have the funerals they want without going deeply into debt. It is possible to find a provider that offers direct cremation for less than $2,000, with some charging under $1,000. In comparison, even a simple traditional funeral that includes cemetery burial of a casket typically starts at $3,000. If families add embalming, visitation and a medium-priced casket, arrangements can cost between $7,000 and $10,000. That may not even include a cemetery plot or headstone.

Cremated Remains Are Portable

Many clients choose cremation because it makes Funeral Arrangements in Orange City FL simpler to arrange. Clients do not have to pay the costs of transporting the casket during services or shipping a body when the deceased will be buried far from their place of death. Once clients pay for a direct cremation, suppliers pick up the body and take it to their crematorium. The ashes are given to families in small boxes or urns that are easily stored or carried to any location.

Families Have Endless Memorial Options

It is easy to design creative funeral services and memorials around cremation. Some mourners arrange for traditional church services and even viewings and then have the body cremated. Many choose direct cremations and then include the urn or other receptacle in funeral services. Once bodies are cremated, the choices for disposal or memorialization are almost endless. In fact, there are dozens of companies that offer unique options. For instance, clients can have ashes added to memorial benches, fireworks, stained glass windows, gems, or necklaces.

Over half of funerals now include cremation, often because it is affordable. Cremation also makes it easier to plan and conduct funerals. In addition, there are dozens of creative memorials that can be created using cremated ashes. You can also visit them on Google My Business.