What You Can Expect to Find at Consignment Shops in New York City

The Consignment Shops in New York City are not the typical run of the mill shops. A Second Chance Designer Resale Boutique found in the big apple is sure to be loaded with the best in designer treasures, high end fashion trends and accessories not commonly found in most recycled clothing stores and all for a song comparatively speaking. The faster paced city is no stranger to family-owned and operated consignment stores. The savvy shopper seeking great deals on quality labels and high end fashions can find these shops located on the Upper East Side and in SoHo New York. The merchandise is pre-owned and pre-loved often worn little being more adored short term and quickly turned out to make way for the next shopping spree. Yes it’s common knowledge the shopaholics with big wallets unload their impulse merchandise, some luxury items, to rationalize their need to shop more.

The best shopping strategy is get to know the employees or family members working the shop you intend to frequent, befriend them, let them know you plan to shop there, what you hope to buy and ask the best time to get your hands on those goods. They will be happy to build good customer relations and give you the routine drop off schedules of their best clients. You can go as far as to give them your card with contact information asking them to give you a call letting you know it’s time to come in and spend your money.

The people of the city are great and the consignment shops in New York City are packed with authentic treasures from designers such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and many more as the fashion trends shift. The hot item many come in searching for is purses, the city offers a wide selection of designer handbags including Chanel Classics, Hermes Birkins and Kellys,Louis Vuitton and on as women turn over their high end purchases casting them aside for the newest designs. The discounted clothing is also a big luxury item you can expect to be thrilled with as is the collection of jewelry and accessories all from the most sought after collections most people dream of owning but never get the chance to do so that is unless they catch on to this little bit of heaven.

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