Getting Respite Certification in Tuscon, AZ

There is a wonderful program serving several areas of Arizona called “To Call Home”. This is a program that works with children in Foster homes, children in Adoptive homes, and Adults with special needs who are living in some of the various homes and facilities specifically designed for them. The goal of this program is to insure that those who are among the “lesser of these” receive now and are still receiving the treatment that is rightfully theirs. Throughout our country there are many horror stories of child abuse, elder abuse, and abuse of special needs adults who do not have the ability to stand up for themselves and let it be known what is happening to them. Many die as a result of this abuse.

Through the “To Call Home” program, there is a much needed respite program and this requires a Respite certification in Tucson, AZ. This is a program so that if a Foster child is getting just too much to handle, and the Foster Parents need a break, they can call in someone from the Respite program to give them a couple of days, or maybe just an evening. The same is true for adoptive parents and other aspects of the program. The great part of this respite is that they must go through a Respite certification in Tucson, AZ. They need to know about some of the medical issues these children and adults face. They need to know when to call for medical help, and who to call.

One of the important parts of the Respite certification in Tucson, AZ is knowing the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect and what to do about it if they suspect it. Maybe a child is being abused at school by another student or staff person, but is being threatened, so will not tell their foster/adopt parents. However, when a well-trained friendly respite care giver enters the scene and knows what kinds of things to look for, they may be able to help out the parents and the agency to help the child. They are not specifically going in to snoop, they are going in to give a “break” but sometimes things are said and done that might raise a red flag. These children and adults have already been through enough.

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