Help For Personal Injuries in Rapid City, SD

What is considered personal injury in rapid city SD? Pretty much the same sort of things as in every other state. Included would be injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents. Industrial Accidents, Wrongful Death and Defective Products. When one is in a personal injury accident, caution needs to be used and attorneys need to be contacted as quickly as possible. For example, in the case of a fall causing bodily injury at another person’s home or at an institution – like a hospital, there may be cause for legal action. In all likelihood, you will be contacted by the insurance companies pretty much before you are recovered from anesthesia. These insurance companies will want you to sign papers stating that you will not file lawsuits regarding your personal injuries, and if you do file a lawsuit, any successful judgments will go to the insurance to reimburse their expenses. In other words, they already have their lawyers working on a lawsuit on their behalf.

Another type of personal injury rapid city SD would include the invasion of an individual’s legally protected rights. Slander and Defamation of Character to the point where a career is ruined should be cause for contact to an attorney. We have the right to remain free from verbal attacks from another person, and yet we see so much of this lately, in the form of bullying, things sent over the social media. and daily violence in the home and on the streets. We have the right to be free as long as we have not initiated any attacks.

Consulting with an attorney can be a daunting experience. If one has never done it before, the images of what to expect can be nerve wracking. Please do not be afraid. Most attorneys went into the practice of law because they care about people. They do not like to see people getting stomped on by persons, groups, or corporations much larger than the client. With the back up assistance of other members of the law firm, they too have power, and they know the law, so they can take a stand for you. Isn’t it nice to know that you have a team on your side, that you do not have to face the “giants” alone. Give us a call, we’ll be waiting to talk with you

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